Guest Terms

These terms cover all aspects relating to payment terms, cancellation policies, charges and hotel policies. This would typically be signed upon check-in but is already relevant upon payment of the deposit, as applicable.

COVID Policy & House Rules

Our COVID Policy details our requirements for testing, our policies for in-house guests and the disinfection methods that we use. Our House Rules are a general summary of guidelines and expectations for guests.

Pet Policy

Click here for our Pet Policy Agreement.


Click here for answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Room Details

Room details such as sizes, view and bed configurations. Rates are available via our 'Book Now' button on the homepage and vary depending on season and occupancy.

Taal Volcano Notice

The activity of the volcano has become a constant part of life around those towns and cities that surround Taal Lake. Therefore, we are learning to live in harmony with one of mother nature's strongest forces. For now, we can assume that our hotel remains open throughout PHIVOLC's Alert Levels 0-2. When the volcano's activity exceeds acceptable levels, PHIVOLCS increases the Alert Level to 3+ and the LGUs may announce an evacuation notice to areas in close proximity to the volcano, during which our hotel will be closed if it is called for Brgy Berinayan. Stay up to date via PHIVOLC's official website:

Menu of Services

Click here for our menu of additional services such as in-room massage and kayaking.